Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is a popular destination for discerning travellers – those looking for Greece the way it used to be. Kefalonia aKefalonia is located on the West coast of Greece, and has a mild climate along with excellent beaches. The island of Kefalonia has escaped mass tourism and recently was used to film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, set in war-time Kefalonia. The film, with Nikolas Cage, was a huge success and it put Kefalonia firmly on the ‘must visit’ list of Kefalonia has many wonderful bays and inlets to form its unusual shape and the rocky coastline has small and clean, pebble and sandy beaches. On the north-east coast of the island lies Myrtos Bay with its stunning white sand and pebble beach and incredibly deep aquamarine sea. From here the village of Assos is visible – a tiny hamlet nestling at the base of a peninsula crowned by an imposing Venetian fortress.

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Further north the village of Fiscardo retains its Venetian style with a pretty harbour lined with fishing caiques, luxury yachts and daily cruisers. The south coast boasts some more wonderful beaches favoured by marine turtles which are closely Skala is set on a very long golden sandy beach on the southernmost tip of the island, 37 kms from the island’s capital and is the most renowned beach resort of Kefalonia.

The distinguishing feature of Skala is the forest of pine trees which separates the land from the sea. Its lovely beach is a mixture of sand and shingle which stretches for miles along the coast towards the resort and port of Poros 12 kms away. You have a choice of lively beachlife with its beachside snack bars, sunbed and beach umbrellas for hire and water sports, or you can opt for the quieter beach by walking along the shoreline until you find your own secluded piece of paradise. You really will know you have got away from the beach crowd when one of the local cows starts grazing at grassy bank of your personal sand dune!

In the village and resort of Skala you will find a selection of tavernas, restaurants,bars and supermarkets to cater for all your needs along the main street which leads down to a small square.

Skala is an ideal resort for walkers who can discover a wealth of natural beauty in the surrounding countryside and wonder at the Roman mosaic floors found in the middle of a sun-lit olive grove.

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The local scuba diving school Bubbles offers various diving programs for young and old and organises snorkelling trips.

Take a trip on the local glass bottom boat Nautilus with Captain Vangellis who is the owner and guide of this boat. Cruises set off at mid-day and take about an hour with small groups to the shipwreck of Perseus and the beach at Mounda where you may see turtles

Take the Skala ‘train’ from the village square and for 3.50 euro for the half an hour journey, you can travel in leisurely style along the coast to San Georgio Hotel.monitored by a local turtle protection group.estinations.

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Argostoli is the island capital (as well as the capital of Kefalonia and Ithaca prefecture) since 1757. It is a modern town, which preserves its traditional character, built amphitheatrically with a view of the Koutavous lagoon, which is a crossing area for the migratory birds. The city has many neoclassical buildings, big squares, churches and remarkable cultural activity.

The Archaeological Museum exhibiting important findings discovered in the whole island, mainly dating back to the Mycenaean period.

The Korgialeneios Library, one of the biggest libraries in Greece, housing more than 55,000 volumes and a great collection of Byzantine icons.

The Folklore and History Museum. It hosts exhibits associated with the history of the island (costumes, weapons, heirlooms etc.) and many every-day life objects.- The central and spacious Valianos square with the statue of the benefactor P. Vallianos, many cafes, restaurants and bars.

The Napier Garden. It was named after the British Governor Napier, who in the middle of the 19th century realized many infrastructure projects on the island and despite its limited space has a variety of trees.

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The Rizospaston street, with palm trees and the monument to radical revolutionaries.

Lithostroto, the central street of the town, with commercial stores and many meeting points for young people.

The Kampanas square situated in the middle of the Lithostroto, with the belfry bearing the same name (recently renovated according to the plans of the original tower which collapsed during the earthquakes of 1953), offering an amazing view of the town and the Koutavou Lagoon.

The 900 meter long Drapano stone bridge (or Devoset bridge) built by the English in 1813 in order to connect Argostoli to the opposite coast. – The coastal Public Market – where you will find the bust of the Kefalonian poet Nikos Kavadias. – The “Farao” Hill offering a panoramic view to the town.

The Katavothres, which are situated near the lighthouse of Aghioi Theodoroi. These are caves, where the sea waters enter and pass through them reaching Sami at the other side of the island after a 14 day journey .- The Aghioi Theodoroi lighthouse at the end of the peninsula of Lassi, where the sunset is majestic.- The “Giro of Lassi”, a seaside road which leads from the town to Lassi.- The “Vinaries Wine Storehouse”, in “Thalassomylos”, hosting an exhibition of wine and local products.Next to Argostoli there is Lassi.

Lassi is a small and charming tourist village placed just behind the capital of Kefalonia island, Argostoli (3km).

The village of Lassi is developed in front of the sea, is surround by a couple of hills and has never had a massive development, keeping the tourist building hidden in the Mediterranean nature.

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Even if this town is placed in a lovely and relaxing area, it is very well organized to offer any kind of services and amusements to the tourists.

Lassi area is really stunning as you can find several bay and small coves that give you the opportunity to have your privacy and to swim in a very clear sea. The main beaches of this tourist village are anyhow two: Makris Yalos and Platis Yalos.

Both beaches are very large and equipped for tourists with sunbeds and umbrellas as well as showers, beach bars and water sports.

To see the descriptions of these two beaches and even a couple of bays (Gradakia and Paliostafida)

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MELISSANTHI CAVE is located not far from Karavomilo. It is a lacustrine cave of unique beauty and fully developed cave, which is 3.5 km long, 40m wide and 36m high. Melissanthi cave constitutes a unique geological phenomenon. It was created by a mechanical and chemical process called karstikopoiisi (dissolution of rocks) during which water enters the calcareous rocks, erodes them and creates hollows.

The underground Melissanthi lake was discovered in 1951 by speleontologist Giannis Petrochilos. A big part of its roof has fallen down revealing an amazing sight. During antiquity the lake was a place of worship dedicated to Pan and Nymph Melissanthi. Myths mention that Melissanthi committed suicide and fell in the lake because Pan was not responding to her love for him.

The lake includes also an islet on which archeologist S. Marinatos discovered Pan””s sanctuary. The findings are at present in the Archeological Museum of Argostoli. These findings include a clay figure of Pan, a clay disc depicting dancing nymphs, a clay plate depicting the procession of nymphs and a small plate with a woman figure relief.

Visitors reach the lake by an underground tunnel and have the opportunity to explore it with a boat and a guide. Therefore, they can admire this unique natural work of sculpture created by the stalactites and the crystal blue-green color of the waters.

Next to Melissani there is the Drogarati Cave.

The grandiosity of nature has created here a unique work of art. Once inside the cave, the visitor is instantly captivated by this remarkable workshop of the earth, where stalactites and stalagmites have been forming for thousands of years. The reflection of sunlight on the stalactites creates an unrealistic atmosphere. The cave contains a 44-m-long descending passageway that leads to a chamber of 30 x 40 m. The latter, decorated with multi-hued stalactites and stalagmites, is renowned for its excellent acoustics and is prearranged for concerts on a special platform which is along the back wall of the cave. Its domed roof is intact and is of a unique, magical formation. The Drogarati Cave is a rare geological phenomenon and attracts thousands of visitors.

Lixouri is the capital of Palliki municipality and the second biggest town of Kefalonia. It is built in the area of the ancient Pali, one of the four most important towns of Kefalonia during the ancient years. It is located at the southwest side of the island, opposite Argostoli, in a verdant area. The Kefalonians call it “Pikolo Paris”, because of the stream which separates it in two. It is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Greece.

The central square of Lixouri is Petritsis Square where you can enjoy your walk and visit many historical monuments, museums, churches and imposing mansions. Among them distinguishes the statue of Andreas Laskaratos, a great satirical poet and novelist. Unfortunately, the most of the mansions of the town were destroyed by the earthquake of 1953.

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During your stay in Lixouri, you must visit the Philharmonic School, the Iakovatios Library and the Church of the city’s patron Saint Charalampos. In the surrounding area you can find many picturesque beaches such as Platia Ammos, Lepeda, Xi, Megas Lakkos and Kounopetra.

Lixouri offers many options for accommodation, such as modern hotels, apartments and rooms for rent. Your summer holidays in Lixouri will be unforgettable.